Special criminal investigations

Exposing thefts and cheating The above tests are based on the collection of information and/ or evidence secretly and after that in an active way, undercover and/ or openly in order to locate the perpetrators of the abnormal behavior. In certain cases according to the permission of the client we can go and report to… Read more »

Laboratory testing

(Hebrew) שימוש בכלים מדעיים מהמתקדמים ביותר

Sexual harassment

(Hebrew) חקירות והשגת מידע קביל לגבי הטרדות מיניות כולל במקומות עבודה ובמשפחה

Harassment and threats

(Hebrew) חשיפה ותיעוד של הטרדות ואיומים מכל הסוגים

“Undercover client” and “fake buyer” services

“Etgar – private investigations and security” works and specializes in operating private investigators during undercover investigations. Our company has years of experience in collecting information and locating unusual activity and their perpetrators. Using an undercover detective that appears as a “fake client” we investigate, locate and provide the client information about his business in regards… Read more »

Water theft

(Hebrew) איתור גניבות המים והמבצעים