Etgar - Private Investigation and Security specializes in private investigations and covert and overt security counseling by law for clients in Israel and abroad, while insisting on professionalism, reliability and absolute confidentiality.
The company's owner and manager, Jeremiah Lbndigr, has 42 years of experience in private investigations and in possession of a license to hold and operate the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Justice (license number 117/72).
Resources Our team of professional and experienced, who has made tens of thousands of covert and overt investigations, special investigations, as well as a variety of equipment and advanced investigations.
Among our customers are government offices, municipalities and local authorities, public and private companies, retail chains, businesses, moshavim and kibbutzim and private clients.

Our expertise areas include:

  • Special investigations and criminal – the exposure of fraud, theft, forgery, telephone harassment and threats, drugs, espionage, trade, scientific investigations and laboratory tests
  • Investigations honesty, reliability and fitness for the job
  • Investigations commercial and credit capability
  • investigations of employee financial ability, independently and Company Limited
  • Find property rights for the purpose of foreclosure and collection
  • Locating Missing Persons
  • Locating belonging to different sects
  • Children at Risk, parental capacity
  • Checking neighbors before buying a home
  • investigations for purposes of matchmaking or marriage
  • Private Investigations for the purposes of divorce
  • observation and surveillance, and his photographs, including aerial photographs – by day and night
  • Installation of hidden cameras, including viewing over the Internet, and digital recording systems, computer-based
  • Polygraph Tests
  • graphology tests
  • exposure wiretapping and Prevention
  • Measurement of noises cause a quarrel between neighbors
  • Risk management of security and business alignment HTA prevention, malicious acts and various offenses
  • Exciting lectures on the subject of investigations within the framework of seminars and social gatherings
  • Sale of Equipment investigations